Coming out can be scary...really scary! But sometimes even scarier is meeting a bunch of people who are just like you for the first time. When you go to a first pride club meeting, thoughts may begin to flood your head like: “Will I fit in?” “And What if I don’t??” “What if I’m super awkward!” “What if people think I’m not ‘trans enough’ or ‘gay enough’?” From the minute you walk in, you are immediately making your identity known to everyone in the room and that can be a big and scary first step!
With the help of an extremely talented and 100% LGBTQ+ cast and crew, “It Came From the Closet!” explores these feelings in a spooky (and kind of campy) story about a transgender student attending their first pride club meeting. Hopefully, it can help young folks in the alphabet mafia feel just a little more seen.

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